Lots of Peg Bag Sewing Tutorials

Lots of Peg Bag Sewing Tutorials

What beautiful weather we have had this week. The sun has been shining and the birds have been singing. It’s been absolutely glorious.

I have just moved home and so I have been kept very busy unpacking boxes and trying to get organised in my new house. I used to have a shed at my old house and that is where I stored all my sewing bits and bobs and craft fabric etc. The only problem is my new place doesn’t have a shed …yet! This means I currently have all the things from the shed in the spare room. I must say, It’s certainly made me realise quite how much sewing stuff and fabric I actually have!  I’ve been good though as I’ve started to have a thorough sort-out of everything but as there is so much, it might take me a while. :o)

As I mentioned last week, I love to upcycle things so a lot of the fabric in my stash is old clothes which I hope to re-invent into something new. It seems from the response to last week’s blog post about how to upcycle old jeans that you are all fans of upcycling too.  Earlier this week, I asked for some inspiration for future blog posts and one Facebook friend said she needed to make a new peg bag so today I am bringing you a list of tutorials to do just that.

The main things that you will need are a plastic / wooden / wire coat hanger, fabric, sewing threads, scissors, sewing machine or hand sewing needle and some pegs to put in your new peg bag.   From looking at the online tutorials it seems that peg bags are quite simple to make but to be honest, I’ve never made one. I was bought some polka dot ones a few years back and as they are still in working order I haven’t needed to make one yet. 

Peg bags make an ideal gift and they are also an ideal little project to make to sell at craft fairs. (Make sure you only use your own pattern or one that allows you to sell products made from it as you don’t want to infringe anyone’s copyright by using the pattern they designed themselves for personal use only)

McCalls Pattern

If you do make yourself a peg bag using one of these tutorials or even one made to your own design…please come and post a photo to our Facebook wall. Here’s the link to our Sewing-Online facebook page. I love looking at the photos of things you have made.

I’ve scoured the web for peg bag tutorials and there are lots to choose from.

Here are some of my favourites :-

  • Maya Donenfield shows you how to make a Burlap Peg Bag over on the Apartment therapy blog. This is a great way to upcycle old hessian coffee sacks.
  • There is a tutorial over on the Fiddlesticks blog that shows you how to make a simple peg bag using a rectangle of material and a child’s plastic coat hanger with metal hook. 
  • I love this example of a peg bag made from an old shirt. I can just see a polka dot blouse being made into a peg bag like this. It’s a great idea! I also love the magazine racks she made using radiator airers. In my new home I have radiators so I think this tutorial will be something I go back and follow when time permits. (I can’t seem to link directly to the ‘shirt peg bag’ and the ‘radiator magazine rack ’ so I have had to link to the main page of the blog. The shirt peg bag was published on the 23rd April 2010 and the magazine rack on the 26th April 2010).
  • This tutorial by Catherine over on the Small Birdie blog shows you how to make a cute little peg bag that is perfect for storing your pegs in or you could take a tip from the author and hang it in your wardrobe to store socks in. It’s a great little storage solution and I can imagine you could also use these bags to store your sewing notions in like cotton threads or ribbons, etc.
  • There is a very clear tutorial by Josie over at My Homemade Happy that shows you how to make a peg bag. The one she has made uses floral and polka dot materials and it’s really pretty.
  • If none of the ideas above take your fancy then maybe this list of 26 more peg bag patterns will interest you. The list was compiled by Tipnut.com and there are some lovely examples of stylish peg bags.

If you would prefer to purchase a pattern to make a peg bag then we stock McCalls MC6051 in our online sewing shop. This pattern envelope contains patterns for making all sorts of useful things such as an apron, a peg bag, an ironing board cover and more.

I hope you all a fun time sewing and fingers crossed that our Facebook friend and all of you will find the ideal pattern to sew a new peg bag. 

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